We are present in the national construction market and
international supplying Products that are an integral part
engineering projects for infrastructure including
construction of roads and highways, soil containment systems,
drainage and erosion control as well as lining systems
waterproofing of lakes, canals, landfills, cisterns, and
also roof waterproofing, etc.


We have the most advanced technology equipment for the manufacture of Poligeo® geotextiles made from polypropylene or polyester fiber when required.


Our Poligeo Geotextile has been used extensively for highway and road projects, including asphalt resurfacing, as well as separation and stabilization of roads, as well as road repairs in works that have been carried out in almost all the states of the Republic and also abroad. .

It has also been widely used as a protector of geomembrane lining systems of important works of landfills, lakes, reservoirs, canals , etc.


We have the equipment and infrastructure necessary to manufacture Poligeo® PVC geomembranes. They can be reinforced, made with a polyester mesh to provide them with greater mechanical resistance, and not reinforced. We also handle Polygeo PE Polyethylene geomembranes.

We work together with specialists who can carry out the installation of our geomembranes on your site. The waterproof and resistant characteristics of Poligeo® PVC and PE geomembranes make it suitable for use as a waterproof coating on floors for geotechnical or civil engineering projects.


We are leaders in the manufacture of non-woven membranes for reinforcing both asphalt and acrylic cold waterproofing systems. The experience of more than 30 years in the market keeps us at the forefront by using cutting-edge technology that allows us to evolve, thus offering advantages in training and resistance of our products that meet market requirements.

Our brands are recognized in the
Market like

  • Termocel ® (sencilla)
  • Poliref ® (Doble refuerzo o Reforzada).