Polímeros y Derivados S.A.

It is a Mexican company incorporated in León, Gto. in 1958. Since its foundation, it has focused on the constant generation of technological assets by merging its own technological innovation together with the acquisition of international technology, thus achieving, over time, a cutting-edge technological profile. Its scope is the branch of industrial transformation, having initially started with the generation of components for footwear.

Polímeros y Derivados S.A., at the head of the group of companies, Oroz and Polivitro Synthetic Resins, have the mission of: Consolidating more and more, through the participatory effort of the community of people that form it, as a leading company highly beneficial to society, whose actions with respect for nature, pour out the best options for well-being and well-being on its members.

Polímeros y Derivados S.A.

It is in the constant search for continuous improvement to achieve high quality in all facets of its work that lead it to achieve the best processes, systems, products and services through research, innovation and development of processes and products.

Polímeros y Derivados S.A., is currently considered among the largest companies in Mexico in terms of its dedication to the development of products that use several of the main nonwovenstal manufacturing systems such as: Dry-Laid, Wet-Laid, Air-Laid, continuing with Hydrolyzed, Arresinado, Needle, Thermobonding or Stitch-Bonding for its consolidation.