The range of products that Polímeros offers includes
products that provide a high level of efficiency
for the applications we serve.

Automotive Filtration

All our products are manufactured under recognized quality standards, using technology and raw materials in search of the best performance for the end user.


Manufactured within a range of aprox. from 60-120 CFM’s

These papers are used in radial filters as in panels with
efficiency requirements above 99% in addition to high values ​​in
dust collection.

Some products within our range are:

  • Papel Filtro FA-91 Plus
  • Papel Filtro FAC-80


Products made with different fiber mixtures, which contribute to provide a great filter performance in different environments.
We have the ability to add different treatments such as flame retardants.

Some products within our range are:

  • Papel Filtro FAC-11
  • Papel Filtro FAC 12
  • Papel Filtro FAC 20
  • Papel Filtro FAC45


Our materials are produced with solvent-free resins, we manage to maintain an ecological benefit.

We have a single product and a double life which allows us to provide greater longevity to the end user.

Some products within our range are:

  • Papel Filtro AGC-65
  • Papel Filtro AGC-60


As Polímeros y Derivados is a diversified company in several
technologies, we have different Non-Woven materials (Non-Woven)
developed and used for the manufacture of air filters,
cabin and pre-filters for the automotive sector

Some products within our range are:

  • Celfil 275-20
  • Termocel FC
  • Celfil 80-21
  • Celfil 130-21
  • Base Orotermo


Within our industrial filtration area we manufacture non-woven fabrics of the following materials: Polyester, Polypropylene, Nomex, which are the most common materials used for the manufacture of filter bags for the cement, mining, steel, food, paint and resin industries. .
With our range of basis weights ranging from 300 gr / m2 to 600 gr / m2 and our different finishes we offer quality products for different types of needs.

In addition, we have the technology and innovation to develop new products according to customer requirements.


Versatile fabric normally used for dust collection, it is strong, resistant to abrasion, good resistance to acids, solvents and common oxidizing agents, works at a continuous temperature condition of 130 ° C.


Fabric that is normally worked at low temperatures (max 90 ° C), with excellent resistance to chemicals.
Due to its characteristics, this fiber linden helps to dissipate static electric discharges.


The manufacture of these fibers is much more complex than polyester, this type
Fiber increases the ability to retain dust and is capable of working at much higher temperatures than most other fibers.
Max temp. continuous in dry conditions 200 ° C

Food Filtration

Filter paper for industrial use in liquid filtration is manufactured from processed cellulose and designed to meet the specific needs of our customers.


These filter papers have been engineered to achieve the optimum efficiency currently required by filtration processes in liquids for food or industrial use. Our products are used to capture suspended solids contained in liquids, (fine filtration, thick filtration, clarification etc.) for use in a variety of industries for example:


(Wine, Brewing, Distilleries, Oil, Refreshments, etc.)



Wine Vinters



Dairy, and milk

Cooking Oil

(Fryer cooking oil)

Our range of products is specifically designed to achieve high performance filtration in frying equipment with high efficiency and particle capture.

Our products comply with both FDA and NSF standards

Our different grades of paper are available with characteristics and properties to tailored to meet different process parameters in order to achieve perfect food quality.