Nonwoven Technology applied to the Automotive
Industry offers great advantages over woven materials.


We offer great advantages over the treatment of woven materials, mainly over:

Molded on different surfaces.

Greater resistance to abrasion.

Better heat resistance.

Acoustic impairment

Among the products we manufacture we have:

Leading companies in the auto parts industry consume our products to supply directly to assemblers using non-woven fabrics.

Non-woven substrates, carpet backings and climate controlled seating:

Our products are used as supports and backs in the injection of polyurethane seats and in seat heaters. In addition, they are applied in the production of carpets for seats and garments.


For application in thermoformed materials in the manufacture of panels and awnings.

Trunks and Package Trays

Our products are used for thermoforming in trunks. The main characteristic for this process is elongation or flexibility for molding applications.

Thermal insulators and Acoustic Barriers

Products manufactured with greater thickness and low density, to isolate the car cabin from the noise and heat of the engine. The material is subjected to high temperatures and pressure to obtain thermoformed parts.

On Engine Insulation

The composition of the material provides great resistance to temperature and corrosive agents. Our customers manufacture engine isolators to reduce noise and vibrations in the passenger compartment.


We offer a wide variety of carpets for various applications, including seats, floors and hat boxes, among others, in various colors and finishes that meet the highest standards of the automotive industry.

Under body shield

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Our brands are:




We have fibers of different colors and textures that meet the highest requirements of the Automotive Industry.

Currently, many of the automotive parts are manufactured with Non-woven technology.

We are suppliers of Tier 1 and Tier 2 clients for the manufacture of the aforementioned auto parts.