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Since 1950, Polimeros has served the footwear industry with the manufacture of internal components. We are one of the largest manufacturers of components for this industry worldwide, with high participation in the Mexican market and the exportation of our products to Central and South America, Asia and Australia. We have strategically integrated our processes, having a development and prototyping center and quality laboratories, so that we can offer highly competitive products with excellent quality to meet the highest demands of the market. The development capacity of Polimeros y Derivados, S.A., thanks to a wide range of manufacturing processes, technologies available and research laboratories and pilot production lines allow us to offer a wide variety of products for the most diverse and demanding markets. We are recognized for our leading brands: CELTEC®, CELFIL®, OROPAL®, OROZ®, ENDURLITE®, and OROTERMO® AND ENDURFLEX®. POLIFLEX®, POLICUERO®, POLIBOND®
Our Box Toe and Counters are adapted to different types of footwear and production systems in factories. We have thermoplastic materials, solvent activated ping-pong; in Nonwoven surface or Fabric to meet diverse needs. OROZ®, ENDURLITE®, OROTERMO® AND ENDURFLEX®. POLIFLEX®.
Box toe and Counters
Polimeros Soles offer excellent durability and comfort available for both Cellulosic and Nonwoven materials which are reliable for various construction types including Welt, Glued (cemented), Stitch Down, and Strobel, CELTEC®, CELFIL®. Soles
A wide range of nonwoven interlinings for reinforcements in all types of footwear. The family of Thermo-fabrics with a new application of adhesive which makes them more suitable for use as reinforcement in the footwear industry to give body and cut resistance. The ease with which they apply directly to the cut has made considerable savings of time in our customers production as they do not have to apply excess adhesive. POLIREF®, TERMOCELFIL®, TERMOTELA®, OROPAL®, CELFIL®. Interlinings
Nonwoven linings with a variety of thicknesses, textures and designs and breathable coatings in fashionable colors that are designed for daily use. Made with the highest technology in its manufacture, we can provide a liner with high abrasion resistance for use as an insole and/or full foot liner in the casual footwear and fashion. Our liners give body to the other styles, have no moisture and do not favor the growth of microorganisms; these features create a cooler feeling shoe. OROPAL®, POLIBREL®