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With over 20 years experience in this industry, we have an extensive range of products for different areas and applications based on cutting edge technologies and the continued development of cellulosic materials and nonwovens aimed to meet the needs of our customers. Filtration
The range of products offered by Polimeros y Derivados, S.A. includes products that provide a high level of efficiency for internal combustion engines, also for: Our filter media are manufactured under recognized quality standards, using technology and raw materials in search of better performance for end users. Automotive
Air Service Light Manufactured within a range of approx. 60-120 CFM in plain as wells as corrugated finishes and in different colors. These papers are used in radio and panel filters with efficiency requirements above 99 and high values of dust uptake capacity. Some products in our range are: •Filter Paper FA-91 Plus White Ray Ama V-2 •Filter Paper FA-91 Plus Red •Filter Paper FAC-80 Yellow
Products made from different blends of fibers, to provide great performance to the filter in different environments. We also have the ability to add different treatments including flame retardants. The range of products covers flow rates from 10- 50 CFM. Some products in our range are: •Filter Paper FAC-11 •Filter Paper FAC-12 •Filter Paper FAC-20 •Filter Paper FAC-45 Air Service Heavy
Oil Our materials are produced with solvent-free resins that present an ecological benefit and meet the requirements for this use. We have single and double life product which will give a longer life to the end user. Some products in our range are: •Filter Paper AGC-65 •Filter Paper AGC-60
Gasoline Usually corrugated paper with permeability values between 5 and 15 CFM manufactured with our own technology to achieve the necessary requirements of our customers by providing good filtration of particles to protect against possible damage to the engine pumps and motor. Some products in our range are: •Filter Paper AGC-10
Others Polimeros y Derivados, S.A., is a diversified filtration company servicing several markets with different nonwoven materials developed and used for the manufacture Asian automakers as well as pre filters or filter Safety Elements. Some products in our range are: •Celfil 275-20 •Oropal 110-12 PWRH •Celfil 200-21 G •Celfil 500-21 K
Within our area of Industrial Filtration we manufacture nonwoven fabrics of the following materials: polyester, polypropylene, Nomex which are the most common materials used for the manufacture of filter bags for the cement industry, mining, steel, food, paint and resins. With our range of basis weights ranging from 300 g/m2 to 600 g/m2 and our different finishes, we offer quality products for different needs. We also have technology and innovation to develop new products according to customer requirements. Each of these products may have different types of finishes such as: - On one side √ Molten √ Singed √ Repellent √ Glazed Industry Both Sides √ Repellent √ Molten √ Singed
Versatile fabric normally used for dust collection, is strong, abrasion resistant, good resistance to acids, solvents and oxidizing agents, wrought to a constant temperature condition of 130°C. Some products in our range are: •Celfil 351 S •Celfil 451 F REP •Celfil 540 F White
Polypropylene This fabric normally works at low temperatures (90°C max), with excellent resistance to chemicals. Due to its characteristics this fiber fabric helps dissipate static electrical discharges. Some products in our range are: •Celfil 540 1 PPR •Celfil 325 25 PPR •Celfil 350 100 PPR 
Nomex The manufacture of these fibers is much more complex than the polyester fiber such as increased dust-holding capacity and is able to work at much higher temperature than most other fibers. Continuous maximum temperature in dry conditions is 200°C. Some products in our range are: •Celfil 250-01 NX •Celfil 451 S NX Beige
Food Grade We have filter ways manufactured from raw materials designed to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our product range includes filter ways of filter type sheets, presses or plates for the beverages, oils, water industries and others.
Beverages Our filter media have characteristics suitable for the filtration process in the industry: Beer, wine, soft drink syrups, etc: Some products in our range are: •Filter Paper Type "C" •Filter Paper Type "CC-310" •Filter Paper Type “LL" •Filter Paper Type “AXD
Oil Within the filtration industry one of the important niches for the filtering of this liquid, so we have developed some specific products for the filtration and/or recovery of this liquid. Some products in our range are: •Filter Paper Type “A” •Filter Paper Type "E"
Water We have materials produced from raw materials certified under standards (FDA) which allow and approve our products that can be in contact with Food. In this specific use of our product range can perform filtration Water for Human Consumption. Some products in our range are: •Filter Paper 10 LP •Filter Paper 14 LP •Filter Paper 65 LP