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We are selling into the national and international construction market providing quality products to provide optimal various construction solutions using materials that are integral to infrastructure engineering projects including construction of roads and highways, soil containment systems, drainage and erosion control, waterproof lake liners, canals, landfills, tanks and also waterproofing roofs, etc. Our leadership in Construction is thanks to a continued commitment to service and, consistent ability to develop materials, and the competitiveness that we maintain in our products. Construction
Geomembranas de PVC Polímeros y Derivados, S.A. manufacturers the most technologically advanced PVC geomembranes Poligeo®, made primarily with polyester mesh reinforcement to provide them with greater mechanical strength. We also handle PE geomembranes and Poligeo of Polyethylene. We work together with specialists who can perform the installation of geomembranes on site. Waterproof and resistant characteristics of PVC and PE geomembranes Poligeo make it suitable for use as coating impermeable soils for geotechnical engineering or civil projects. Within our range of plastic membranes we also offer Poliroof® TPO, made with thermoplastic resins.
Membranes for Waterproofing We are leaders in the manufacture of nonwoven membranes for waterproofing systems strengthening both cold asphalt and acrylic. The experience of over 30 years in the market keeps us at the forefront using cutting edge technology that allows us to evolve and to offer the advantage of training and endurance of our products to meet market requirement.
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