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We are present in the clothing industry with the manufacture of nonwovens. At Latin American level, we are the only producers of nonwovens; we have the Wet Laid technology for the manufacture of interlinings and embroidery bases. We are highly involved in the domestic market and our product is exported to Central and South America. Our quality laboratories and product development centers allow us to offer excellent quality and high competitiveness to meet current market requirements. We are recognized for our brands: CELFIL®, POLIREF®, TERMOCEL®, and MICROCEL® Clothing
We have materials for the textile industry such as: Interlinings with and without fusion, with unidirectional resistance used in collars, cuffs, lapels, etc...Embroidery bases from 40 to 125 gr/m2. With multi-resistance Wet Laid technology. Waistbands from 130 to 250 gr/m2. Some of our products: Termocel 454-RP 1/C Termocel 70-48 TA-M Termocel Pretna 130
Bags and Tablecloths
We have materials for the textile industry and advertising such as: Spun lace technology for semi disposable bags and semi disposable tablecloths Nonwoven textile chemical-resistant that does not shed lint, used in clothing for working in spray booths, electronic, spraying, advertising, baby bibs, etc. Some of our products are: Oropal 60-12 PEAS GREEN Celfil 100-12 White Polivek
Materials for mattresses and Furniture Manufacturers The large capacity and technology in the manufacture of nonwovens, allows us to provide industries for mattresses and furniture materials for reinforcements, covering springs, dust covers, non-skid and anti-flame, these past help meet California TB 603 tests and 16 CFR Part 1633 and MVSS 302
Non-skid We have products not Not-woven coated fabrics, with a non-skid touch and other versions that are placed on one side only of the mattress, in Never Turn mattress, or on box spring to preventing it from slipping. Poliref 90 FDF printed Poliref 90 FDF Slate Gris
One of our developments with cutting-edge features is the type Nonwoven fabric with inherent properties of flame retardant or treatments that give us such property. Such products are used in mattresses, helping to pass the tests of flammability 16 CFR Part 1633. It can also be used for manufacture of furniture and bed clothes. Flame retardants
In the fields of materials in this area we have Nonwoven waterproof against dust and mites for pillow cases, helping to keep free of allergies, as well as Not-woven, waterproof fabrics and absorbent for mattress pads, protecting against incontinence and spilled liquids,. MICROCEL® Anti-mite
Reinforcements Equally we have Nonwoven reinforcement fabrics for the sides of the mattress to cover a set of springs, for dust cover in the box spring, as well as dust covers for living rooms, chairs, sofas etc. To provide internal reinforcement. CELFIL®
For the furniture industry and apparel manufacturers for bedding we have materials such as Wadding for upholstery furniture and padded for quilts. Some of our products are: CELFIL WADDING. CELFIL BLUE BLANKET Padded
We have bonded leather for various uses in the furniture sector, POLICUERO®: Covers for dining tables and lounges Covers for dressing tables, night stands Headboards Door covers for dining cabinets, dressing table and night stands As a tapestry on the walls As floors Accessories Leather for furniture