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Nonwoven fabrics with high strength and softness for lamination and bonding synthetics to textiles,while providing excellent body, and back view. Used as reinforcements and support for plastic coatings, bonded with foam or other synthetic scrims or laminated textiles. All our products are mechanically and chemically manufactured to offer excellent quality and reliability. Basis for Lamination
Materials manufactured with this technology (Oropal®, Celfil®) are primarily used for the lamination of synthetic footwear materials, clothing, linings, upholstery and tablecloths. We have finishing technology necessary to create specialized products offering added strength and softness. Spunlace
Reinforcing substrates manufactured from synthetic fibers such as: polypropylene and polyester and numerous others. Commonly used as structural backings for upholstery and tablecloths. Needlepunch
Impregnated nonwovens for laminating, coating or bonding with other synthetics that provide added strength and durability to the finished product. Reinforced